Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is my tracking number?

A: We send two emails with Tracking information at the time the order is processed. One from our email account and one from PirateShip.com.You can use the tracking number to follow your package. You can also find Tracking for your last shipment under 'My Account'

Q: What if my items seem to be lost?

A: If you think your package is lost or seems to not be in-transit more than an acceptable time frame (10 days), we will resend the items.

Q: Do I need to clear coat the decals before using them?

A: Our non-metallic decals do not need to be clear-coated before use.Our decals are printed using ink that is food safe and is not water-soluble. Our metallic decals are pre-coated.

Q: Do you combined Shipping?

A: Yes, and shipping is free for orders of $30 or more USA and $75 International.

Q: What is a Decal Sheet?

A: A Decal Sheet is an A4 size paper (8.3in x 11.7in) which contains one or more Decal Cards. A typical 1/64 scale sheet contains 11-15 decal cards

Q: What is a Decal Card?

A: A Decal Card is the area a single decal image is printed on a Decal Sheet. A Decal Card for a typical 1/64 scale is 1.5in x 4.25.